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About Us

A Gathering Place & Resource Center

As much as we have achieved as an industry, we still find ourselves wrestling with many of the same problems and opportunities that we faced decades ago.

Whether it’s organized retail crime or a lack of effective internal controls, even the world’s most successful retailers are plagued by loss.

And with the rapid acceleration of online shopping, the business is getting even more challenging to manage.

Finding solutions and partners to address this complex set of problems is only growing in importance.

How We Help

We’re bringing together some of the world’s foremost authorities in the many facets of Asset Protection & Risk Management, in order to shine a light on the people, teams, and technologies that are changing the game at retail.

Getting started is easy.  Simply:


Search and discover industry experts and specialized service providers.


Introduce yourself, and set up time to get to know one another.


Collaborate to identify ways that you can work together.

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