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Brand L. Elverston

Retail Asset Protection


Brand’s decades of experience are central to one theme, limit risk through effective deployment of creative technologies.

Brand has over 25 years of experience in the retail asset protection/risk mitigation business channel.

After nearly a dozen years as a field artillery officer in the U.S. Army, Brand began his retail career with Walmart’s then Loss Prevention division in 1995, retiring in 2017 to impact the overall industry more effectively, and more broadly.

Brand’s undeniable passions are in the emerging technology scope, not legacy solutions, designed to align innovative risk mitigation measures more effectively with emerging retail business pursuits.

He specializes in working with innovative technology providers and processes designed to remove friction in the customer experience, while limiting risk to lost profit.

Brand typically takes calls with people interested in help with:

  • Retail risk mitigation trends – what works, what doesn’t, what’s real, what’s an “always done it that way” solution?
  • Innovative technologies, creatively pushing the use-case bookends out to include risk mitigation – how can AI provide cover for loss events, how can RFID serve as an intelligent merchandise protection solution?
  • Working with and coaching non-traditional solution providers in their R&D efforts to include risk mitigation as part of their road map. Fighting the myopic, one-trick pony, mindset.
  • How to effectively translate a potential solution to address a specific business problem. Avoid the square peg, round hole phenomenon.
  • Identifying solutions which address total loss, not just malicious intent losses.
  • The critical role artificial intelligence can play in providing customer/employee safety.
  • RFID – 20+ years of experience with RFID in the retail environment, and how it can revolutionize merchandise loss strategies and provide real, quantifiable, actionable intelligence.

Contact Information

Bentonville, Arkansas