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My Conversation with Graham Plaster, Director of Nautilus

Check out my conversation with Graham Plaster, a U.S. defense industry innovation expert with a passion for public-private industry partnerships and collaboration.


About Graham Plaster
Graham Plaster served on active duty as a Naval Officer, and in the private sector for twenty years before assuming his current position as Director of Nautilus. Nautilus is a public private partnership between Defensewerx, a 501c3, and NavalX, the Navy’s innovation engine.

Graham is co-author to the book, “In the Shadow of Greatness”, which has been on the official reading list for the Chief of Naval Operations. Tom Brokaw calls the book, “a must read for all Americans.”

Graham writes and speaks regularly on defense innovation, investing in national security technologies, and process improvement for government programs.


Asset Protection & Risk Mitigation Group & Series
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