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My Conversation with Professor Adrian Beck – Emeritus Professor, The University of Leicester

Check out my conversation with Professor Adrian Beck, Emeritus Professor, The University of Leicester for a discussion about the risks of non-traditional points of sale and effective mitigation.


About Professor Adrian Beck
Professor Beck is one of the world’s pre-eminent specialists in the field of retail loss prevention. Advising retailers across the globe, his cutting-edge research regularly provides the retail industry with powerful new insights into how it can better understand, manage and control the significant losses it experiences. By developing critical new thinking, together with innovative management tools and techniques, Professor Beck has radically redefined how companies can grow their profits through selling more and losing less.

He is academic advisor to ECR Retail Loss and regularly undertakes a range of studies on their behalf to improve awareness and understanding of the problems of loss throughout retail supply chains. He developed the concept of Total Retail Loss, focussed upon enabling businesses to better understand the overall impact losses can have upon their organizations. He has also recently completed ground-breaking studies measuring the impact and control of losses associated with self-scan checkouts, the use of video technologies in retailing, and the potential role of RFID technologies in retailing. He is currently looking at the issue of losses associated with E-commerce as well as carrying out a wide- ranging review evaluating the control of self-scan systems.

Now an Emeritus Professor at the University of Leicester in the UK, where he was one of the founders of the School of Criminology in 1989 and Head of Department, he regularly organizes and speaks at conferences and workshops around the world.


Asset Protection & Risk Mitigation Group & Series
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