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My Conversation with Shawn Harris, Digital Executive, Board Member, and Adviser

Check out my conversation with Shawn Harris, a digital executive, board member, and adviser, where we discuss trends in retail technology, and integration strategies within the broader retail format.


About Shawn Harris
Shawn is a cross-functional leader, who has turned concepts into revenue generating businesses, in both startups and in enterprise, focusing in store technologies, eCommerce, supply-chain management, robotics, intelligent process automation, analytics, systems thinking, and applied artificial intelligence (AI/ML/DL).

He has been involved with artificial intelligence, robotics, store systems, eCommerce, and order management technologies for over 15 years, having held management positions in, or consulted to, numerous tier 1 retailers including Walmart, Target, TJX, Staples, BJ’s, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Uniqlo (Fast Retailing).


Asset Protection & Risk Mitigation Group & Series
This conversation is part of the Asset Protection & Risk Management group and series that I host each month in partnership with Conversations On Retail.  Join now for FREE!


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